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B i o g r a p h y

​Freddy, originally from New York City is a musician, product designer, artist, producer, writer and all around creative.

For his day gig, Freddy studied industrial design in NY City and creates consumer products for manufacturing from medical devices to electronics here in Saint Paul MN at Abstrategy Design.

As a fine artist Freddy creates pastel and chalk art both in outdoor sidewalk events as well as for his personal enjoyment - usually illustrating jazz musician portraits.

He has played jazz for many years in small venues around New York City, New Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut, carried the Clarence "Big Man" Clemons parts for a Springsteen cover band in the late 1990's and is playing Tenor & Soprano saxophones as well as piano since he moved to the MidWest from New York City in 2007.
His group has a passion for straight ahead jazz and performs their take on post-bop jazz and the American Song Book, as well as numerous original tunes.

Now with residence in St. Paul MN, Freddy and his group are playing gigs in the Twin Cities and throughout the MidWest.  Covid certainly was a hinderance and Freddy took some time off to let full time musician friends vie for gigs locally.  However, things are popping and Freddy is looking for more gigs, so contact him now.

Freddy's group, as mentioned above,  enjoys a lot of the post bebop to cool jazz influences like Sunny Rollins, Dexter Gordon, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane, just to name a few of the many dozens of influencers, plus the cool jazz scene from the 1970’s.   Add in Blues and the vocal stylings of Lindsay Herda, Freddy's music and groups are sure to entertain!
In the summer of 2015 Equinox Jazz Group released their first CD with many original tunes as well as some great standards.

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